TT-70-2-S/ TT-60-4-S Microplate Thermo Shaker Incubator

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TT-70-2-S/ TT-60-4-S Microplate Thermo Shaker Incubator is designed to provide orbital shaking and maintaining constant temperature of liquid sample in standard microplates.

It has a heating platform for microplates and thermo lid to allow achieving exact set temperature of each well.

The mixing and heating/incubation operation can be performed either combined or independently. The device can work as:

  • Thermo-shaker
  • Thermostat (without shaking/mixing)
  • Microplate shaker (without temperature control)


  • Immunochemistry and molecular diagnostics
  • Cytochemistry for in situ reactions
  • Immunochemistry for immunofermentative reactions
  • Biochemistry for enzyme and protein analysis
  • Molecular biology for micro array analysis


SpecificationsTT-70-2-S Microplate Thermo
Shaker Incubator
TT-60-4-S Microplate Thermo
Shaker Incubator
Speed range300 -1200 rpm300 -1200 rpm
Shaking orbit3mm (horizontal)2mm (horizontal)
Temperature control rangeR.T.+5°C -70°CR.T.+5°C -70°C
Temperature stability at 37°C±0.2°C±0.2°C
Digital time setting1min to 99h 59min or short mix1 min to 99 h59min or short mix
Platform temperature uniformity≤±0.5°C≤±0.5°C
Temperature display accuracy0.1°C0.1°C
Heating speed≤25 min (20°C to 70°C)≤25 min (20°C to 70°C)
Sample capacity2 plates4 plates
VoltageAC 110V or AC 220V, 50/60 HzAC 110V or AC 220V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension (W x D x H)284 x 264 x 157 mm284 x 264 x 157 mm
Net weight6.7 kg10.5 kg

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